Facebook Lite hits 100 million monthly active users

Facebook Lite hits 100 million monthly active users

New Delhi: Facebook Lite has reached 100 million monthly active users in less than nine months since its launch, making it the fastest growing version of Facebook to hit that milestone, the social media giant announced on Wednesday.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite now supports more than 50 languages, is smaller than 1 MB and has rolled out in more than 150 countries through Latin America, Asia, Africa and parts of Europe.

“We are also announcing new features for Facebook Lite including support for video, multiple photo uploads, pinch-to-zoom for photos, emojis, and more,” the company said in a statement.

Facebook Lite was launched in June 2015 to make it easier for people to access Facebook on older phones or slower connections. In many areas, networks can be slow or unable to support all the functionality found in Facebook for Android, so Facebook Lite gives people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum.

People can access Facebook Lite from the Google Play Store on their Android phones in countries where Facebook Lite has launched.



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